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Dhiru was born in India, but when he was just 2 years old, his folks decided to pack their bags and move to Poland. It was 1990, right after communism went kaput in Poland. That period was a wild ride of changes, hopes, and challenges. Of course, Dhiru was too young to remember any of that! The only thing he recalls is his father telling him how they had to hit up the one and only shop in Warsaw that imported Coca-Cola, and the only way they could pay is in US dollars!

So, Dhiru grew up in a typical Indian family, where every Indian festival was a big deal. His father, Kartar Singh, was a devout religious man and pretty strict with the kids. Little did Dhiru know, those values his pops instilled in him would later come in handy when he started mingling with children from all sorts of cultures. That warm and caring vibe he’s got going on? It all goes back to his days at the International American School, where he rubbed shoulders with kids from all over the globe and picked up a few words in every language.
Fast forward to later in life, Dhiru studied Business Administration in a University in Warsaw. That’s where he met his wife, Żenia, who also came to study there from Ukraine. While studying, Dhiru also lent a hand to his folks in their two business ventures: importing wholesale textiles and Asian Fast Moving Consumer Goods. But hey, he’s since sold off both companies and is now using his one-of-a-kind upbringing to offer guided tours between Europe and India. 

Here’s a few topics that you can use to break the ice with Dhiru (beware though, he might go on rambling for hours):

  • Bollywood movies and songs (Dhiru loves karaoke)

  • Business (You know those Sindhi guys – they’re all about money!)

  • Soccer (Football for you British English folks)

  • Cars – Huge fan!

  • Technology (Don’t get him started on AI)

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Day by day, better than yesterday

-Kunal dutt

Kunal is this Indian guy who’s been living it up in Poland since 2013. He’s a writer and drops fresh content every week on his website, You can also catch him on YouTube, where he’s slinging videos on his channel at But wait, there’s more! Kunal and his fiancée run this super cool Pet Hotel, and you can peep their adventures on Instagram at And hey, when he’s not pursuing his creative passions, Kunal holds it down as a Data Specialist at ING Bank, handling all things numbers and stuff. Juggling all these gigs ain’t easy, but he’s mastered the art of time management.

Now, on your journey, Kunal and his fiancée will be your trusty guides. His fiancée is a Polish powerhouse, with degrees in Engineering and Animal Behavior. They sealed the deal and got engaged in 2020, right in the vibrant streets of Lisbon, Portugal. They’ll go above and beyond to make you feel right at home in Europe. Oh, and if you wanna keep up with their shenanigans, don’t forget to follow their Insta accounts at and

They’ve got you covered!

-Devyansh vyas

Devyansh Vyas is this cool Architect dude based in Jaipur, India. But hey, he’s not just about blueprints and structures—this guy is a total Traveler at heart. For the past 10 years, he’s been honing his skills in the field, bringing his intuitive and practical approach to every project. But here’s the best part: Devyansh believes that the real learning happens when you hit the road and soak up experiences from people you meet along the way. Talk about a true wanderer!

And guess what? On your journey, Devyansh and his awesome wife will be your personal guides. She’s an Indian Architect and Architectural Photographer, and together they’re all about stories, people, and discovering countless incredible places. They’ll make you feel right at home, no doubt about it! Don’t forget to follow their amazing adventures on Instagram at and You won’t want to miss out!


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